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Please Welcome…

Meet Our New Members | Comments Off on Please Welcome…

A Warm Welcome to our Newest Members!

Listed below, in descending chronological order are those who have become part of the Hartford church family during the last year or two.  Scroll down to review all, the most recent additions are at the top of the page.

Max & Carolyn Coleman, Placing Membership, 10/04/15

Samantha Raulin, Baptized, 09/27/15

Loren & Connie Grilley, 09/27/15

April Ireland, Placing Membership, 09/27/15

Kathy Evans, Placing Membership, 09/27/15

Bobbi Anderson, Placing Membership, 09/27/15

Barbara Strome, Restored, 09/20/15

Marcus McMillan, Baptized, 09/17/15

Jotham and Kelley Andrews, Placing Membership, 09/06/15

Wanda Bell, Placing Membership, 06/07/15

Brittany Raulston, Baptized, 05/01/15

Roy Powell, Placing Membership, 04/05/15

Jared Rowe, Baptized, 04/01/15

Teresa Clinton, Placing membership, 02/15/15

Timothy Edwards, baptized, 01/25/15

Pedro Machado, placing membership, 01/18/15

Cutter Plush, baptized, 11/19/14

April Hays, placing membership 10/19/14

Glen Hays, baptized, 10/19/14

Brianna Pritchard, baptized

Harold Opitz, baptized, 05/15/14

Ronnie Smith, baptized, 04/27/14

Wanda Hess, placing membership 04/06/14

Twanna Hawk, placing membership 04/06/14

Sam Fischer, Jr. baptized, 2/11/14

We were delight to welcome Sam Fischer into the family as a new brother-in-Christ.  Haroldine’s husband, Sam has attended worship and Bible classes regularly for many years, but finally came to the conviction that he needed to be immersed into Christ.  Sam credits the Friday night Bible study as having a big role in helping him come to this decision.  Although he is quiet and reserved, Sam has a strong faith and determination to be a Christian.  He has shown a servant-spirit even before being baptized and we count it an honor to have him as a part of the Hartford family.

Hamilton Holliman, placing membership 11/20/13

Hamilton has moved to Ponca City from Bartlesville so he can be closer to his son Jackson following he and his wife’s divorce.  He is a Registered Nurse by profession and works mainly in Oklahoma City and Enid.  Hamilton has been a Christian since he was a youth, and grew up worshiping with the churches of Christ.  He also attended Freed-Hardeman College in Tennessee.  Please make Hamilton and his son Jackson feel at home here at Hartford.

James and Leah Tucker, placing membership 08/11/13

How delighted we are to have Jim and Leah Tucker moving back to Ponca City and once again committing themselves to working and worshiping with the Hartford congregation.  For the past seven or eight years, the Tuckers have been living in New Mexico in an attempt to find a climate that was more suitable to Leah’s health issues.  While living in Texas, Jim also suffered some severe heart trouble, and they decided to move back to this area to be closer to some of their children.  The Tuckers are what we call “salt of the earth people!”