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Jose Sori Cancio

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Brother Jose Sori Cancio is the evangelist we support in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.  He is 48 years of age, married (Ramona Cabrera Toledo) and has two sons:  Maikel Jose Sori Cabrera (age 28) and Henry Rafael Sori Cabrera (age 26).  Their address:  Calle 4ta No. 65 e/n 1ra y 3ra; Zona de Desarrollo.  Jobo Gordo.  Colon.  Sancti Spiritus, Cuba  C.P. 60200.  Brother Sori Cancio became a Christian when back in 1989, he began to study the Bible with a friend named E. Maury.  They wrote letters to different churches asking for information, and a brother in Christ named Robert Flores in the Pinar del Rio province was the first to respond.  They began studying the Bible and other materials that brother Flores sent them, and six months later, in June of 1989, he and E. Maury were baptized into Christ, along with five others by Roberto Flores and Angel Ammiel.  


He began preaching in 1993 after receiving a course about the personal gospel written by Larry Way.  The congregation he works with in Sancti Spiritus is located in the sound of the province, and has a population of 15,000.  In addition to their own work, they are working to help the congregation of Jesus Maria with materials and studies.  


Below are some of the letters and reports we have received from brother Cancio.  The most recent reports are on top.


March, 2011

From Jose Sori Cancio

Address: Calle 4ta No. 65 entre 1ra y 3ra

Zona de  Desarrollo Jobo Gordo

Colon Santi Spíritus Cuba C.P. 60200

Cell phone 5353806284

 Dear Don

I´m thankful that God is helping us all the time and he give us the strong to work in his vineyard,   in spite of the problems and the needs of resources, we are working for the member of the Church in our province it is 200 kmand a population of 400 000 , and 14 municipality.


  1. Preacher in Jobo Gordo:Jose Rafael Sori Cancio, Henry Rafael Sori Cabrera, Maikel Jose Sori Cabrera, Nelson Orozco Romero, Alexander Gonzáles (40 member).
  1. Jesús Maria: Alexander Gonzáles (35 member).
  1. Camino de las Cañas: Mario Veloso, Alexander Toyos, Félix Enrique (30 member).
  1. Kilo 12:Daniel Alvarez Alvarez, Arnel Brito (20 member).
  1. Trinidad:Luis Rafael Sorí Cancio (15 member).
  1. Fomento:Ernesto Cruz Gonzales (40 member)
  1. Taguasco:Orestes Mora Riverón (30 member).
  1. Caja de Agua:Juan Carlos, Nordis, Yasiel (12 member).
  1. Banao:Legon (10 member).
  1. Guasimal: Juan Enrique, Félix (10 member).

We help all the preacher in the diferente places.

 There are a group of brother that work in all time in the gospel but the don´t have a support and is very hard for they do this, but they have a big love to our love, we ask you that it is posible you can help some of they with a support.

 We have a new project to open a new congregation in the area of cabaiguan there are 15 person that want to know about Jesus. Please we need some resourses to continue working, but God help us.

We want tha some brother visit us because it will be very good for the Church.

 My family say hello to you and your family and we pray for you

God bless you

Jose Sori Cancio


March 10, 2010

 Sancti Spiritus

De. Jose R Sori Cancio

 Beloved brother Lyle Harms,

 Permit me to express my sincere gratitude to you and all the elders and deacons there at the Church of Christ in Ponca City. Blessings for everyone in Jesus. 

We come to you to let you know of a project that already has taken its first steps. In the business of legal affairs we already have the license to start the construction, but we need to pay for the lot in Cuban money. It’s 1,000 cuc pesos and in USA money it’s 1,240. We will count on what ever you can help us with, on this project. The government already has okayed the materials for the construction. We already have the license in our hands; all we need is the funds to buy the material. We ask for your prayers, so that we can be able to come together in a larger number a lot faster. I am going to Habana on the 15th of this month to the preachers’ conference that will take place on the 16th – 18th.

Those involved in this project are:

Jose Sori Cancio, Henry R Sori – Son, Maikel J Sori – Son, Ramona Cabrera Toledo – Wife, Maidelin Garcia – Daughter-in-law, Alexander Gonzale, Elpidio C Viera, Adalberto Betancourt

We need to add to the project the salaries for the work done, which are the electrical installations, the plumbing including the sanitation plumbing.

May the blessings of God be with all of you,

Your brother Jose Sori Cancio


Dear Lyle:   Sancti Spiritus, 29 de October, 2009


Greetings to you and the member that meet in that area.


In this year 12  persons had received baptism, we are working with other people that they is hearing the seed of the gospel.


I tell you that our son Maikel is studding veterinary medicine yet in 5to year,working in a small factory of feed and he is still raising pigs.


They don´t recover the horse, and in this moment they don´t have the economy recourse for obtain another.


We are praying for our plans to building a new Church. In this moment we receive a proposition to by a plot of ground with 12.50 meter of wide and 13 of long. It is in a good place. The cost for this plot of ground is 1000 CUC.


The building will be able for 200 people and up can  build classroom, bethroom and kitchen.


If you can help with us to buy this. I will be the most responsibility and my preacher here, work with me side by side.


The property doesn´t be owned by the Church because we don´t have the permission. It will be in the name of my wife Ramona Cabrera, in this way is more easy obtain the permission and the materials.


In this province is studding in the AIBI the brother Alexander Gonzalez Gongora he is in the second years we think that in the next year can be matriculate Daniel Alvarez and Alexander Toyo.


Here is imparting a course to prepare men to be Christian leader.


My families send you a lot of bless. My wife is better in spite of it she need some vitamin called ( multivitamineral de 1000 CC) because she have some pain in the bones.



(Letter from Jose Sori Cancio who labors in Sancti Spiritus; translated 3/6/09)

Dear brother Lyle Harms,

May peace, blessings, and the love of God be with all of you always.

We have a group of workers working on a project of evangelism.  Every week they go through the streets visiting homes.  One day of the week they go out into the municipalities since we have a great list of congregations in different localities such as in Trinidad, Fomento, Taguasco, Yamagua, Plantel, Guasimal, Ferrocarril, Jesus Maria, Kilo Doce, and Camino de las Canas.

This requires a campaign program throughout localities and a transportation payment.  For each preacher this is no less than 50 Cuban pesos.  This includes transportation and food.  On the days that they stay in the localities they need 150 Cuban pesos for their provisions.   There are eight preachers.  In total, all this would be 48 American dollars (60 CUC as a discount).  It would be useful if you would be able to help with these expenses.

We have planned activities for the year.  On Thursday, March 19, the brotherhood will celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the congregation of Jesus Maria. (Something will take place in September, but I was unable to translate this.)  On October 8-10 the Third Preachers’ Conference will take place.  The title of the conference will be “Glory for the Lord”.

On November 12 we will celebrate the 16th anniversary of the congregation of Jobo Gordo. [ Jose’s home congregation that meets in his house] On December 31 there will be an activity with all the congregations.

I want you to realize that the evangelists are making an effort to be full-time in the congregations.  They do not have another job.  I ask you all to see the value of this – men approved in this work.


Henry Rafael Sori Cabrera evangelist and preacher.  No state job.  Full-time worker in the Lord’s work.  Married with two children.  He is graduated from the International Atlantic Bible School (SIBI) in Miami, Florida.

Nelson Orozco Romero evangelist and preacher who is head of the work in Jesus Maria.  He works for the Lord by visiting brothers who are sick and by encouraging all the brothers who are being considered as deacons.  He is married and has a daughter and two grandsons.

Daniel Alvarez is a brother of great faith who is head of the congregation of Jobo Gordo.

Well, we have eight evangelists:  Henry Sori, Nelson Orozco, Daniel Alvares, Alexander Toyo, Mario Beloso, Leovigildo Romero, Orestes Mora, and Alexander Gonzales.

We are praying for all of you.  My wife and son send you greetings.  May God’s peace and love be with you all.