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Lazaro Lopez

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October 14, 2009

 It’s a pleasure to greet you, hope when you get this letter you and your family are well. I hope God Bless you for the love you show to us here in Cuba. Everything is going well at the church and we continue our activities. I am working hard to find a larger building to buy.  I deposited the $900.00 given to me so it would draw interest until I find the right place.

My health is much better and I have more strength and desire to work for the Lord. The family is in good physical and spiritual health. My sons Lazaro and Julio are doing good in school. My wife is a Sunday school teacher for the little kids. My cell phone number is (53) 52710425. (53) Is the Cuba area code; if you call me it won’t cost me anything even though I have trouble with the language because I don’t speak much English.

I continue preaching once a month in each of the congregations around the city. I go visit the brothers every week, as of now we have four places to meet in the city: Reina, Junco Sur, Tulipan and La Juanita. In these places we have weekly Bible Studies and on Sundays we take the communion. We continue working in the near by towns. In Rodas and Ciego Montero we have had twelve baptisms. On October 10, I received the letter with the money for the support for the semester. The church in Cienfuegos is sending Oscar Lopez to a seminar at A.I.B.I., and Manuel Lopez to class to be a preacher. I have completed my studies and when I am completely health and can get a computer, that’s a requirement to register my degree, so I can start studying.    I haven’t seen Luis Alberto in two years. Brother Kirk McAffee travels to Cienfuegos every year in April or May. He gives conferences to the preachers and Bible Study to the church. If you have any matters you can let me know by Mr. McAffee. I was amazed to hear about the work at Harding College and Hartford Church of Christ. I ask you to keep praying for my health, the church in Cienfuegos, and the work in Cuba. Greetings for your wife and family, the elders, and brothers at the Hartford Church.  Greetings from the Church at Cienfuegos, my wife and kids.

 Your Brother in Christ who loves you

Lazaro Lopez



 May 4, 2008

Dear Lyle,

 I am taking advantage of brother Alan to write you a few lines; I pray that you and your family are in the best of health.

 Health wise I am a lot better thanks to God. I have been able to control my sugar with a diet and exercise. I have lost sixty pounds, so I now weight 160 pounds. I feel a lot better with this weight and my health boundaries have increased greatly, right now at this time, I am not taking any medication, don’t need it any more, only my vitamins.

 My family is doing fine, and in good health, the older boys are busy with their studies and the two younger ones are just growing everyday. Dalkis is perfect; they send their greetings and their affections.

 Last March when brother David and his wife and brother Bill from Chattanooga Tennessee were here I took the opportunity to send a written report as well as a CD, with photos. I also send a similar report to Chesser, so by now I hope that you did receive it and it is in your hands. These brothers were with us for several days, preached to six churches and the sister that came with them had an encounter with the women here. This visit was very profitable and uplifting.

 In this month of May we had brother Alan’s visit and he gave a lesson on interchange commuters with our preachers concerning the church work in Cien fuegos, this was also very profitable and uplifting. He was accompanied by several brothers from Havana. The church is good and growing spiritually in the Lord. Right now we are working in four different neighborhoods in the city, where we have house studies; Reina, Tulipan, Jonco Sur and Pueblo Griffo; out of the city we continue working Rodas, Ciego Montero, Cuidad Nuclear and Cummancyogua.

 This year we have baptized and continue working and evangelizing.

 Thank you for your prayers for myself and the church in Cienfuegos and please continue your prayers and thank you for your gracious support. May God bless you abundantly.

 Greetings to your wife and family. Greeting to the eldership and the entire congregation at Hartford Church of Christ. The church here at Cienfuegos sends greetings also.

 You receive a big strong hug from your brother in Christ that loves you.

 Lazaro Leon Lopez