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Leodan Leyva

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Leodan Leyva


 Las Tunas



Monday, May 25, 2009

 Hello brother Lyle,

 The day 14 of May we meet in Santiago with the brother Gene Carr, the one is a great brother, we have breakfast together and we had the opportunity to converse.  [Gene took the preacher support money to Cuba for us]  The brother Luis Alberto was in The Tunas, because on Friday 15 we had planned a campaign in Puerto Padre, and he  went with me to Santiago.  Brother, I send the data that you requested me for Don Huddleston church web, more than one month ago, did you receive

Here we have been busy with the work of the church, this weekend we will be in an  encounter of youths that Puerto Padre congregation organized, the youths that will  participate are from Las Tunas and 3 youths from Ciudad Habana also participated and one from  Camagüey, this last one is a preacher and he will impart a topic.  As soon as I have the opportunity I will send you a report, and the result of the  campaign carried out in Puerto Padre. I will try to send you pictures of the campaign.

Brother Lyle, thank you for the support, transmit to the brothers there our gratefulness,  for you the situation difficult for the congregation, and the effort that you make to collaborate with us in the vineyard of  God encourages us..
 In Cristo,

Leodan’s love.

 (Letter from Leodan Leyva who works in Las Tunas, translated 3/5/09

 Hello brother Lyle.

I received your message to this address, it is a blessing that it works well, this communication road, thanks to God.

Here good of health are my children, every day they grow, in few years they will be adolescent, and other problems begin, I am proud of them, and I give thanks to God because it is the biggest blessing that He can give to a person.

Our congregation in Aerie goes well, we had 2 baptisms in December of 2008, on Sunday 15 of February of 2009 we had 1 baptism.  We have programmed in ourcongregation, a campaign for the days 6, 7, and 8 of the month of March.

Last week  4 people were baptized in Puerto Padre, this congregation is growing a lot with the favor of God, Reinaldo’s work is very constant, we support it allthat we can to strengthen the work in Puerto Padre, our desire and prayer to God is to make of this congregation, a big congregation in membership and spiritually.  We request God to provide strength for all the brothers that we work with in this congregation.

We have made a program of campaigns for the whole year 2009, this programincludes the 11 congregations that are in our county of Las Tunas.  The preachers of the congregations are those in charge of determining the date of the campaign.

There is going to be this year,a year of a lot of work, we have a campaign in almost every month.  The purpose of this work is that people know  God, and to unite the preachers of our county more through the work together, I believe that if something can unite strongly the groups it is the work that they have in common.

Brother Lyle we have not been able to get support for the brotherReinaldo, he only receives help from the brothers of Sparta,[Georgia].  Do you believe that the church in Ponca will be under conditions of supporting Reinaldo? Are you able to help us in this matter? To me, I would like that the Church in Ponca could give a support to Reinaldo, this way it would increase its ministry and bonds in Las Tunas county.

Thanks for all your support here for the work. Greetings to all the brothers in Ponca, I will be praying for you.




(Leodan is at Las Tunas on the fringe of the area where the greatest damage was done from the Hurricane that hit the center of the Island.  We sent him the bulk of the relief funds.  Lyle)

 Hi Brother Lyle,

Hoping you already have our report, letting you know we got the money for the brothers (Hurricane Relief). Ten days after hurricane past brothers from the Habana came to Las Tunas Anmiel ask that all the preachers in the area meet to inform them the ladies retreat was canceled, so they could use the money to help the people in need. They brought 6,000cuc they did the same thing with the other providences damaged by the hurricane. In our meeting we decided how to distribute the money to help the people in need. Each preacher got a sum of money according to the size of their congregation; the preacher will be in charge of buying and distributing the supplies. We agreed the three areas on the north part of the Island received the most damage and would get more help than the rest of the congregations. It was a successful meeting.

 My father and I took our van and helped two of the congregations. Four or five times a week we visit the congregation in the city of Puerto Padre, it is a large congregation, and was heavily damaged and it’s part of our ministry. We took food, water, medicines and kerosene for a month. We took food to the cities of Chaparra and Manail, they were encouraged by this work. Nothing better to encourage the Church than to come together in bad times. In my opinion Las Tunas suffered a lot, but we gained spiritually, and the name of God was glorified.

 My father and I had tuff days finding food. It was hard to find and the prices were high, but we got it done. We were encouraged by our brothers. We thank God for the opportunity he gave us to help the Church in this difficult time.

 We went to Holquin, brother Anmiel invited us to go with him; we visited with the preacher Alexander from that city. Anmiel gave him the supplies to distribute. After that we went to Banes. There was a sister there from La Havana with her parents, they had lost their house, Anmiel gave them clothes and food, that the brothers from La Havana had collected for her. They shared the clothes and food with those that provided shelter for them. The trip home took all night, we were really tired.

 Our job here was to find a way to get to two places. We went to Santa Cruz, this place was damaged by the last hurricane Paloma. We took Guillermo Eliseo the preacher of Granma, he gets help from the Church that supports him to take to the people in need so we took him with us in the van to deliver the food.

 The brothers there are young in the faith, it’s a new congregation. We had a long talk with the preacher, we encouraged him, and we told him of our experience with the Hurricane Hay. We thank God for the opportunity to serve the Church.

 When hurricane Hay hit Las Tunas and I saw all the damage, I confess I felt frustrated and helpless. Facing this situation a lot of the brothers were facing problems and I couldn’t help. It was a bad experience I went through. I asked some brothers for help and explained the situation, but all I got was words of encouragement. We decided to cancel the preachers meeting we had scheduled in January 2009 in our congregation, so we could use the money that our congregation at Aguilera had saved to help those in need.

 We thank God that he provided for us and nobody went hungry. I want to thank all the brothers that helped us in this difficult time.     

 In Christian Love,

Leodan Leyva