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JAMAICA, Lluidas Vale

 Jacques and Maydene Small For many years, the Hartford congregation has been involved in helping the Barnes Pen congregation in Lluidas Vale, Jamaica.  This working congregation is nestled in the beautiful hills of Jamacia, an area well-known for its sugar cane production.  The church averages about 40 to 50 on Sunday morning, and has other […]


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LUIS SORI CANCIO Pictured here is Luis Sori Cancio, and his family.  His wife’s name is Maydee (pronounced My-dee), and their sons.   John Lee is married and lives in Sancti Spiritus but comes often to visit family and assist in the work there.  A fourth son, Yosvel, is also married and currently lives in […]


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 MANUEL MANRIQUE GARRO In the picture, brother Manrique and his wife, Elena.  Behind his wife is their daughter, Esther.  Behind her is her husband Alejandro.  To the right of Esther is their son Iriam and his wife Dairilis.  On the far left of the picture is their other son, Samuel and his wife Sandra.  Along […]


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Sermons 2014

The following sermons are available to you to either read, or listen to after downloading.  Audio lessons are digitally recorded using the MP3 format and should play automatically on most computer media players by simply clicking on “Listen”.  Printed copies of lessons are PDF files.  Thanks for your interest and for visiting our website. Date       […]


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To view individual lessons of the New Testament Studies, click on a specific lesson.  That will open a PDF file which can be printed (one lesson at a time) Unit 1 (Luke, Acts) Luke 01   Luke 02-04 Luke 05-07 Luke 08-10 Luke 11-13  Luke 14-16    Luke 17-19       Luke 20-22    Luke 23-24      Acts 01 Acts 02-03 […]


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Website & Technology Ministry


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Hispanic Ministry


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Manuel Garro

Manuel Manrique Garro    October 4, 2011 Dear Brother Don, God Bless you and all brothers at your community. We always pray for your labor and ask God to help you continuing forward preaching the Gospel and bringing the message of our Savior to all lost souls. I am please to send you this time […]


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Luis Alberto

Email address for brother Luis:  8/05/2011 Dear brother I greet you and their family, I ask you to greet also to the Church. My name is Luis Alberto Echevarría Merida, my wife and I are Christian for twenty years. I teach the gospel in Cuba from the year 1992. I worked during 12 years, […]


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Leodan Leyva

Leodan Leyva    Las Tunas       Monday, May 25, 2009  Hello brother Lyle,  The day 14 of May we meet in Santiago with the brother Gene Carr, the one is a great brother, we have breakfast together and we had the opportunity to converse.  [Gene took the preacher support money to Cuba for […]